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On average it takes 160 days to hire a Software developer  – or you can start a lot faster by hiring our selected Remote-Developers.

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Im Durchschnitt wird 100 Tage nach einem IT-Mitarbeiter gesucht – starten Sie deutlich schneller mit 4-stufig vorgeprüften Remote-Entwicklern.

Sie suchen IT-Mitarbeiter?

Dann sofort hier starten

Im Durchschnitt wird 100 Tage nach einem IT-Mitarbeiter gesucht – starten Sie deutlich schneller mit 4-stufig vorgeprüften Remote-Entwicklern.

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  • We searche for suitable candidates for you
  • All candidates will be evaluated by our 4-step procedure
  • Only the top candidates will be selected and presented to you

4 Wochen und ihr neuer Remote-Mitarbeiter ist für Sie produktiv

  • Sie nennen uns Ihren Bedarf
  • Wir suchen geeignete Kandidaten
  • Die Kandidaten werden dann in einem 4-stufigen Verfahren geprüft
  • Nur die Besten werden Ihnen vorgestellt

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„We were looking for a Java developer for our backend as a service solution and found a German speaking expert from Romania through Kirsch & Kern. Our experiences are so good that we are planning further remote recruitments.“

Tim Rademacher

CEO, wissenswerft GmbH

„We are specialized in enterprise CMS systems. Some of these skills are hard to find in Germany. Within four weeks Kirsch & Kern could find very qualified developers for us.“

Dr. Rolf Henning

CEO, edicos Group

We are recruiting pioneers

We have been bringing specialists together with companies since 2005. We were the first to adapt the SpeedDating format for job and business contacts – with our Tempomeeting. The IT-JobTempomeeting is an efficient recruiting format. Companies conduct individual interviews with all participating applicants within 2.5 hours. Expressive profile cards support the selection and the event ends loosely at the buffet.

Remote-Sourcing: setting new standards

The current IT-Boom leads to a greater demand for IT experts than there is available.

  • Only Remote-Developers can fullfill the need
  • however, German quality standards are higher than in international comparison.

Therefore we established the “German Standard for remote collaboration” for our clients.

Our rules for Remote-Sourcing

  • We are only looking near your timezone (max. 4 hours difference)
  • We find developers who live by German quality standards
  • We are independent in choosing developers as for we work with many partner companies
  • We permanently integrate remote developers into your teams
  • Ideal Situation: Developers who are competent and creative

Our 4-step selection process

  1. CV check
  2. First interview: Personality, creativity, English etc.
  3. Test task that is analysed by our experts
  4. Second interview: Technical knowledge

after all 4 steps are completed we introduce the best candidates to you

Unsere SAP-Beratung

Business Consulting:

  • Projektmanagement, Changemanagement und Testmanagement
  • Machbarkeitsanalysen, Geschäftsprozessanalyse
  • Interim Management

SAP Consulting:

  • Konzeption von Schnittstellen und Datenmodellen
  • Analyse und Optimierung von SAP Architektur
  • Ganzheitliche SAP Beratung mit dem Schwerpunkt Financial Accounting
    (FI, CO, FS-CD, IS-T, FI-CA)

Application Management:

  • Support und Betreuung von SAP-Systemen im Rahmen des Anwendungssupport nach ITIL

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Sebastian Texter

Sebastian Texter

Managing Director & Business Development

  • Diploma Communication Manager
  • Enterpreneur since 2004
  • industry knowledge: IT, Life Sciences, Food, Finance
Lorenz Surkemper

Lorenz Surkemper

Managing Director & Tech Lead

  • Master of Science, Applied Computer Science
  • industry knowledge: IT, software, fairs, events

Ihre Kontaktmöglichkeiten

Sebastian Texter

Sebastian Texter

Geschäftsführer & Business Development

  • Diplom Kommunikationswirt
  • Selbständig seit 2004
  • Branchen-Kenntnisse: IT, Life Sciences, Food, Finance
  • Länderkenntnisse: Südafrika, Frankreich, Osteuropa
Lorenz Surkemper

Lorenz Surkemper

Geschäftsführer & Tech Lead

  • Master of Sience, Angewandte Informatik
  • Branchen-Kenntnisse: IT, Messen, Events
  • Länderkenntnisse: Großbritannien

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